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Pre-Placement Training Employment Services
We work hard in the first 30 days to ensure the success of our customer.  This means we provide pre-placement activities.

Pre-Placement Activities is not a part of Pre-Placement Training. Pre-Placement Activities is available to each person referred to Employment Services. It is not formal and does not require a set number of hours. Instruction may include punctuality, grooming, attendance skills, and other job readiness instruction as well as instruction in work practices such as payroll deductions, insurance, retirement, benefits and safety.


A standard of excellence for BCS is the completion of at least 4 face-to-face visits in order for an individual to move to the employment placement phase. The 4 visits need to ensure that the individual is punctual, well groomed, has attendance skills, and is able to follow directions clearly. This process will be reviewed at the end of the 30 days and during success meetings with ES and ES supervisor.

Pre-Placement Training is formal training with a curriculum consisting of both lecture and interactive exchange. It must be conducted for a minimum of twenty (20) hours prior to placement. Training may consist of interviewing skills, finding and completing job applications, managing employer initial contacts, handling conflicts at and outside the workplace, tapping community resources, navigating public transportation and benefits review.


Placement begins the day the customer begins working on a job in an integrated setting for competitive compensation. The job must match the stated employment outcome on the IPE and as agreed upon by the Customer, Counselor, and the Provider. If the job obtained does not match the IPE goal, it is not considered a valid placement unless the Customer and Counselor agree to amend the IPE job goal. The IPE amendment must be completed and signed, or the Placement will be considered invalid and the invoice will be rejected by the Contract Manager. Placement does not begin the day of orientation unless the customer starts work on the same day.

The next benchmarks are 45 and 90, days occur once the customer has maintained employment for at least 45 and 90 days of continuous employment while working with a single employer.

Each benchmark when achieved must be reported within 48 hours to the administrative office.

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